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Spare parts for mining excavators

FINSAD Group Oy is the exclusive distributor of Excel Foundry and Machine Inc., which has more than 80 years experience, specializing in the production of spare parts for mining equipment and grinding equipment.

One of the main fields of Excel company is the production of chassis components for large mining hydraulic and electric shovels. The main advantages of spare parts produced by Excel in comparison to the original parts are – lifetime, stock availability, engineering innovation and value.

Our company is ready to offer upper and track rollers, tracks, drive wheels, tension wheels, hubs, bushings, pins and many more.

We offer spare parts for the following hydraulic excavators:

• EX2500
• EX3500/EX3600
• EX5500
• EX8000 
• PC3000
• PC4000
• PC5500
• PC8000
• RH120E
• RH170
• RH200
• RH340
• R 996 B

Also we offer spare parts for the following electric excavators:

• 1900AL
• 2100BL/E
• 2300MKII
• 2300XP
• 2300XPA
• 2300XPB
• 2800XP
• 2800XPA
• 2800XPB
• 4100A
• 4100TS
• 4100XPB
• 4100XPC 
• 495BI
• 495BII
• 495HR
• 301M
• 191M

Excel Foundry and Machine Inc. is located in Pekin, Illinois, USA. Industrial city located in the heart of America 270 km from the city of Chicago and 20 km from the main office of Caterpillar. Excel plant was founded in 1929 to manufacture products made of bronze. In the late '60s, early' 70s, the company invested tens of millions of dollars in the development of its plant and began a large-scale production of spare parts for crushing equipment. In 2013, the company completed another expansion of production, increasing the number of smelters to 13 units, machine tools up to 85 units, as well as increased staff to 350 people. The rapid growth of the company is largely due to the high quality of factory parts and a huge warehouse of finished products. To date, the company's warehouse has more than 50 000 products, and the total amount of spare parts for more than 50 million dollars.

Spare parts are produced based on the Excel’s main task - to extend the life of crushing equipment and exceed working time of the original spare parts manufacturers. Excel has ISO 9001 certification, as well as a certificate of FFF (Fit, Form and Function) which ensures that all replacement parts produced by Excel are identical in their geometrical parameters, the shape and functionality to the original spare parts.

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