Backing compound

AUROX Backing Compound is a two-component epoxy compound having high compressive strength and impact resistance for backing wear parts in large gyratory crushers, cone crushers and grinding mills for extreme heavy duty crushing operations. Due to its high impact strength, the AUROX Backing Compound absorbs energy and reduces vibration. AUROX Backing Compound is safer and more economical than conventional zinc backing.


Gyratory crushers
Cone crushers
Grinding mills

Typical physical properties:

Density, ρ, kg / m³ 1500
Shore hardness D, no less than 80
Tensile strength N / mm², no less than 27
Impact strength kJ / m², no less than 6
Compressive strength N / mm², no less than 117
The viscosity cps 16000
Shrinkage on drying %, max 0,01
Pot life at 30 °C, minutes 15 – 30
Hard dry at 30 °C, hours 4 – 6

Product features:

High compressive strength and impact strength
Minimum shrinkage
Quick cure time
Easy to mix and even to pour

FINSAD Group production plant of AUROX backing compound is located in a.t. Gatovo, Republic of Belarus.